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The Spanish Heritage Language Program (SHL) is an initiative of the UO Department of Romance Languages to meet the needs of the changing population of our university. The SHL Program is designed specifically for Spanish heritage language learners—students who have a personal, familial, or community connection to Spanish. It is comprised of a variety of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels taught by a diverse cross-section of University of Oregon faculty.

SHL classes during Winter term 2021

As you can see on the UO Class Schedule, all SHL courses (SPAN 218, 228, 308, 312) are listed as “Remote”. The UO definition reads, “Remote: No on-campus meetings. Class meeting days and times as scheduled and will include live engagement during scheduled class periods." This means we will offer live, synchronous components to weekly instruction. Therefore, you should be sure you are available during all stated class days and times listed on the UO Class Schedule before registering for a remote course. Each instructor will communicate the specifics of how this will work for their SHL course(s) at the start of the term.

We stand by our goal of achieving meaningful connections in engaged learning communities, even during these challenging times. We’re thinking of you and wishing you all the best as you finish up your fall term academic work. ¡Sí, se puede! ¿Preguntas? Contact us at herencia@uoregon.edu


Take the survey on your own, without the help of a dictionary. The idea is for you to write as much as you can in Spanish or Spanglish (a few sentences or a short paragraph after each prompt), so we can best advise you on which SHL class would be the best place to start.


 Winter Term 2021  SHL Advising Hours  (Jan. 4 - Mar. 19)

Tuesdays 3:00-5:00pm

Thursdays 8:30-10:30am

For Winter term, all SHL advising appointments will be over phone or computer using Microsoft Teams (see below). Feel free to drop in by messaging me on Teams during the above-listed hours. If I'm not meeting wtih another student, I'll be happy to have an advising conversation with you then.

Please contact herencia@uoregon.edu if you need to make an advising appointment outside of the times listed above.

Are you wondering which SHL class you should take first? ¿Quieres saber más sobre nuestro programa?  SHL advising is for questions on courses, placement, and anything else related to the SHL program.  Please make an appointment through Navigate app for advising. Follow these instructions:

1. Go to https://uess.uoregon.edu/navigate and download the Navigate app on your device.

2. Sign into Navigate

3. Click on "Appointments"

4. Click on "Schedule an appointment"

5. Choose "Academic and Career Advising"

6. Choose "College of Arts and Sciences Departmental Advising"

7. Mark the topic you would like to discuss. We can always talk about more than one of these topics, but you have to choose a primary topic for the appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have questions on course placement, please take the SHL placement survey (see link above) and mark "Other" for topic of the advising appointment.

8. Select the location: Spanish Heritage Language Program

NOTE: If you are a declared major or minor in Spanish and have questions on your degree requirements, please click "Back" and choose the Romance Languages as the location instead of SHL.

9. Select me as the advisor: Kelley León Howarth


Please download  Microsoft Teams (free for UO students) in advance of your appointment. Details here: https://service.uoregon.edu/TDClient/2030/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=69989

At the time of your appointment, I will contact you via Teams. If I am unable to get in touch with you through Teams, I will call you at the phone number you provided. Please be sure to send an email to herencia@uoregon.edu with your contact phone number if you did not already include it when scheduling your appointment in Navigate.  For help with Microsoft Teams, please visit https://service.uoregon.edu/TDClient/2030/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=69989

Please visit https://advising.uoregon.edu/ more information and resources. 

Program Mission

The mission of the Spanish Heritage Language Program is…

● to value and develop Spanish language proficiency, particularly for students who grew up in a Spanish-speaking household or community;
● to recognize, validate, and study the Spanish language as it is used in the US context, as well as the emerging phenomenon of English-Spanish bilingualism, with a specific focus on the use of code-switching and different types of borrowings as widespread linguistic phenomena in the US;
● to give students the opportunity to build upon their existing linguistic and cultural knowledge and experiences; and
● to create meaningful connections with local Spanish-speaking communities, acknowledging how languages are used and shaped both inside and outside academia.

We strive to accomplish this by…

● meeting students’ needs as heritage learners, cultivating the whole student, based on the conviction that language and identity are deeply intertwined;
● exploring topics related to students’ cultural background;
● recovering or developing students’ heritage linguistic abilities in both oral and written expression; and
● engaging students in collaborative learning both inside and outside the classroom.

We believe that language is a social phenomenon and as such necessarily includes variation due to the constant movement of peoples and change over time that is universally human. Thus, we must approach language study in a way that transcends linguistic hierarchies and assumptions of linguistic accuracy based on the native-speaker paradigm. The native-speaker paradigm operates under the faulty assumption that there is one correct way to speak a language, and that there exist “native” speakers who speak this “standard” form, ignoring the realities of linguistic variation based on identity and social context.

In conclusion, we, the Spanish Heritage Language faculty of the UO, believe that the only ethical and intellectually honest position is to study Spanish not as an object independent of its speakers and their sociopolitical realities, but as a living, evolving vehicle of communication across many nations and cultures that is intimately tied to the identities of its speakers.

For more information, please contact the Spanish Heritage Language Program at herencia@uoregon.edu

The following link is an events calendar with Latinx/Hispanic activities at the U of O:  https://blogs.uoregon.edu/latinxstrategygroup/

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